What Do We Do

Important questions regarding input for your local market analysis with answers from local specialists.

  • market analysis. Who is who? Who are the key players and holds what market share in the local market?
  • After market price collection. You would like net or retail prices from one or more brands in a particular market? Or you prefer to know the workshop purchase prices in a fast fit segment? We can provide correct and reliable data for your strategy.
  • Original OES price collection. Your company would like to know the retail prices for the German Japanese or Korean original spare parts? We can provide you one off, or regular long term multiple year price collection; custom made projects.
  • After market discount structures for particular markets, countries and regions. Your company would like to know what the discount is for the premium brands from the manufacturer to the major players in a market?
  • Grey market import analysis and structures. For example we have access to the Russian customs import data base due to excellent relationships. Your company would like to know the largest exporter of grey automotive parts into Russia? Let us know.
  • Grey market players. Have you ever tried to make a short list of grey importers in China? Or perhaps Taiwan? Good luck…. We did this for BMW.
  • Automotive Research provide services and AM data to international Consulting companies.
  • Automotive Research focus’ on emerging markets outside Western Europe.