Markets and Countries

Markets and countries covered includes:

  • China. This country is in full development and changing rapidly on a continuous basis. The market is totally un-transparent and unstructured. Let us figure it out for you. We know this country best and have the right experts from the hearth of the Automotive Industry.
  • Korea. Have you ever tried to call and talk to a Korean spare parts manager? Have a go.….
  • Russia. This emerging giant has a lot to offer; if you have the right data and the right strategy. We have the experience and speak the language!
  • Ukraine. This country seems to be constant turmoil; let us clear the fog for you and give you up to date inside information on what is happening in the market.
  • Poland. A country in Europe but in full expansion as there are heaps of distributors and manufacturers. Get the full picture from us.
  • Hungary.
  • Czech and Slovak republic
  • Brazil. Another emerging market. A lot going on and many opportunities. Let us find out what is in store for your company.
  • South Africa.